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MITOS Textile Hotel White Linen Wholesale Supplier

We follow a continuum.
Since 1959, when the textile factory of Eleftherios Dotsikas was founded, we have followed a steady course of development resulting in a strong presence in the Greek Textile industry.

In every product of MITOS, a sense of purity unfolds from the very first contact with the skin. Catalyst in the phase of relaxation, grooming, personal care. This hour is important.

We want our customers, and therefore your guests, to enjoy their stay with all their senses.

In “MITOS” NTOTSIKA BROS, after 60 years of presence in the Greek textile industry, with our participation in national exhibitions and collaborations abroad, we use the experience of our executives and our productive force to offer our customers – particularly businesses in the hospitaly sector – a complete line of linen, including:

Bed sheets, pillowcases, blankets, duvets, bed covers, towels, bathrobes and bath mats, etc.

Hotel towels

MITOS Hotel Bathroom towels

Our towels are made of 100% cotton. They are fluffy, hydrophilic and super durable. An ideal solution for luxury hotels. For the bathroom, our hotel towels come in a variety of dimensions and yarns, while we also offer a range of bathrobes and bath mats. In addition, for those wishing to customize their linen, our towels, bathrobes, as well as our other products can be embroidered with your logo for an absolutely unique experience for your visitors.

Bed sheets

MITOS Hotel Bed sheets

For your hotel bedroom, MITOS offers hotel-specific bed sheets, which, combined with the corresponding pillowcases and duvet covers, will create a unique feeling of relaxation and harmony in your rooms. Furthermore, our duvets, bet toppers and blankets will provide a comprehensive bedding solution which will fullfil the needs of even the most demanding hotel unit.

Hotel White Linen Wholesale Supplier

Offer your guests the ultimate hospitality experience. Choose MITOS Premium Quality Hotel White Linen and let your guest feel the warmth and softness of our products.

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