Bed Sheet Single (160×270) KALLIOPI TC 250 Saten Stripe, 100% Cotton

Collection: KALLIOPI

Sateen fabric uses one yarn under, three or four yarns over weave that gives them their distinctive look and feel. The appearance tends to have a subtle shine, and the fabric drapes exceptionally well. Sateen sheets are naturally wrinkle-resistant, so they have a smooth look without ironing. This weave makes the resulting sheets a bit heavy, which can make them seem cozy and luxurious.

It is possible to adjust the dimensions of the sheets to your needs / preferences. Contact us!

Embroidery is available on request. Learn more here.

Complement bed sheets with pillows, pillowcases, duvets, and duvet covers to give a complete and comfortable bedroom environment.

Recommended washing temperature: 60 degrees.

Bed Sheet Single (160×270) KALLIOPI TC 250 Saten Stripe, 100% Cotton

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