How to make your home feeling like you’re sleeping in a luxury hotel bed !


Have you ever stayed in a hotel room or a boutique villa, so luxurious that you wished you could take the whole bedding home with you?
MITOS offers you these practical tips to make your home look and feel like a luxury hotel bed. To make the ambient feeling like you are every night on holiday.

It is all about coloring…white coloring

Starting from your room, it must be made feel more palate, more spacious. Adding the white color on the walls and in the bedding is the key factor. Small details and ascents of pale and earth colors could add warmth to the room.

Spend your money in luxury, organic cotton linens

Perhaps the most important step in this process is to invest in a high-quality material for your linen. Organic cotton is a natural, eco-friendly fiber that will offer you a unique sleeping experience.

Looking in our wide palette of cotton bed sheets from MITOS, we have several types of thread count which will make your bed feeling luxurious.
Everyone assumes that a higher thread count means a softer fabric. It is almost true, but this isn’t always the case.
Our MITOS TC250 Sateen stripe luxury bed sheet Kalliopi with color detail or the TC300 Sateen luxury bed sheet Erato are the bed representatives to use at your home when you want to replicate the feeling of a luxury hotel room.

Make your bedsheets fitting well to your bed

Everyone assumes that a higher thread count means a softer fabric. It is almost true, but this isn’t always the case. A perfect sheet fit recreates the luxury hotel experience that leaves you feeling restful all night long.
This is exactly what we offer with our tailored service. Using the measurement of the mattress depth, a unique top sheet can be tailored to your bed so you can stay under some seriously luxurious linen.

The perfect mattress for the ultimate luxury

It is the piece that brings your bedroom to a higher level. A kind size bed is what is the closest to a luxury hotel room.
Adding a feather mattress will lift the luxury an extra notch. These are filled with small feathers and placed directly on top of a mattress to provide an extra layer of support.

Do not forget to make your bed every morning

Making your bed in the morning is the best way to set up your nighttime experience. Push yourself to have a freshly made bed during the whole day. It is also a nice way to have the first task of the day done which will encourage you to do the rest tasks of the day.

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