How to pick the best bath towels


Things you should pay attention to, when choosing bath towels.

If a hotel housekeeper, a director of rooms, an OS&E manager, an owner of a residence or even every one of us at home, we all like to have the best bath towel in the bathroom. But what exactly makes the best bath towel?

Before you start looking for one, there’s a few things to make sure you are aware of about the towels. And we – in MITOS Textile – are here to make it easier for you.

Most people want a bath towel that is super soft, absorbent, generously sized, and of course made to last longer. After years of know-how and research, we’ve developed a towel that achieves all of this and even more.

First and foremost, the type of fiber used when it comes to finding the best bath towel.

Type of Fiber

Our MITOS Textile towels are made using the finest Greek grown cotton. Greek cotton belongs to the highest level of cotton along with the Egyptian Giza cotton and the American Supima cotton. It is the best choice for towels because it is more absorbent than standard cotton and similar fibers – which helps you dry off faster. The long-staple cotton fibers are much more durable, providing you with many more years of use. Additionally, Greek cotton is super soft, giving the perfect amount of cozy comfort you need when getting out of the bath or shower

2-Ply Yarn Loops

Most towels you will find in the market today are made using 1-ply yarn loops. A well-made and soft  towel will always use 2-ply yarn loops, which is what we use for our cotton towels. When we manufacture  a 2-ply yarn, two strands of yarn are twisted together to form a single strand. This process doubles the amount of fabric in the towel which results in the towel being heavier in weight, more absorbent, and much, much softer. 2-ply yarn loops is a must-have when looking for luxury towels.


As we described above, using 2-ply yarn loops in a towel nearly doubles the amount of fabric being used and increases the overall weight of the towel. The weight of fabric is measured in GSM (grams per square meter). Towels vary from 400-800 GSM and even sometimes up to 900GSM. The smaller the GSM, the thinner and lighter the towel.

The larger the GSM, the thicker and heavier the towel. For luxury towels, we manufacture in GSM between 600-800, most towels in this range will have 2-ply yarn and will be much more absorbent. On the other hand, we have the drawback of the higher GSM that it takes slightly longer for the towel to dry. But many hotels and individuals are willing to pay this cost for having a plush and heavy towel. If you reuse the towel is used once or even a few times, make  sure to hang your towel up so that will allow for air flow and quicker drying.

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