...We Weave Relationships

We want our customers to feel the security of a trustworthy, permanent, stable relationship. Based on mutual trust and satisfaction, we form and maintain long-lasting business relationships, both with small units and large hotel complexes across Greece and abroad.

With a thorough understanding of the demands of professionals, we have three key features which help us achieve excellent and efficient collaborations:

  • A wide range of products; additionally, the option of making special orders
  • Reliability
  • Optimal value for money relationship

Out of our wide range of products and prices, you can pick out the right linens to suit the style and quality requirements of your business. Additionally, we are ready to meet your custom needs by providing the option of special orders, in terms of dimensions, fabric quality or colours.

We also provide you with the option of having the logo of your business embroidered on our linens with fidelity to its design and colours, which will help your branding identity stand out and display the uniqueness of your services in a consistent manner.

Our linens have been CE certified by the EOF (National Organization for Medicines).

Ξενοδοχειακος Εξοπλισμος Πετσετες με Λογοτυπο